Baker, Ken
The B53  Obliterators of Mauritius
Harry Hayes, Bradford, UK, 1976
ISBN 0 9052220 9 1

Baker, Ken
The Provisional Stamp Issues

Baker, Ken
The Coat of Arms Issues

Harrison, Michael
The Tale of Two Stamps
52 pages
This little publication which was printed on the occasion of the 100th birthday of the famous “Blue and Red MAURITIUS” and tells the story of the few surviving stamps of this issue known. It contains a little sheet with two reprints of the famous stamps.

Ibbotson, Peter
The Postal History of Mauritius
Mauritius Postal History and Stamps
Indian Ocean Study Circle, 1991
out of print

Ibbotson, Peter
The Postal History of Mauritius
Revisions and Additions
Indian Ocean Study Circle, 1995
ISBN 0 9526407 0 8
117 Pages

Kanai, Hiroyuki
Classic Mauritius : the locally printed postage stamps, 1847-59
Stanley Gibbons; London
ISBN: 0852592515
132 pages

Classic Postage Stamps and Postal History
The H. Kanai FRPSL Collection, Nov. 3rd 1993.
Hardbound in slip case with supplement and prices realised.

de Kervern A.
Mauritius, Picture Postcards 1901-1955
Indian Ocean Study Circle 1991
72 pages, English & French, with rarity guide, card

Proud, Edward B.
The Postal History of Mauritius
Heathfield, East Sussex, 2001
ISBN 1 872465 323
448 pages
Covers the period from 1810 to Independence in 1968. 2001

Ruffle, J. W. B.
‘To Pay’ Manuscript & Handstamp Markings 1860-1876
reprint 1 volume,
1985,38p p/b, out of print

Ruffle, J. W. B.
Maritime Mails 1815-1868 by 1987-1988
reprint 1 volume,
100 pages, spiral bound, out of print

Ruffle, J. W. B.
Mauritius, Accountancy & To Pay Marks 1860-1876
Indian Ocean Study Circle, 1985
38 pages, card

Williams, L.N. & M
Stamps of Fame
Blanford Press Ltd, Great Britain, c.1949
6×9, 280p, hardbound, black/white,
Content: this discussion of rare and valuable stamps features 31 black/white plates (several depict multiple items), includes stamps from several countries, bibliographies, index

Williams, L. N.

Encyclopaedia of Rare and Famous Stamps
published by David Feldman, Geneva